Setup account #


If you click on Accounts again, you will see an overview about all your accounts.
Click on one account or click on the "Gear" icon next to an account to open detailed settings for this account.

Account: Tasks #


This is the detailed settings page for the selected account.
The header bar (1) displays the used emulator instance name, in-game name of the account, Kingdom ID and the currently executed task. You also have quick buttons for starting/pausing/resuming and stopping the instance.

Per default the Tasks (2) tab will be shown.

On the left side (3) you see the list of all available tasks. You can switch them on and off. If you click on a task you will see more info and you can configure the respective task (4).

Via Select All (5) and Deselect all (7) you can quickly enable/disable all tasks. However you should never just enable all tasks. Some tasks only work if certain events are currently available or if you have reached a certain castle level, etc. Via Select Default (6) you can quickly select the most commonly used tasks.

To copy the task settings from another account (including all specific task configurations) choose the account to copy from (8) and then click on Click to clone (9).

Account: Setup #


Click on Setup (1).

If you setup the account for the first time, the building list (2) and the city screenshot (3) will be empty. To get a screenshot showing all the buildings in your city, press "1. Get Aligned Screenshot" (6):


Then you need to click on all the buildings in your city in the city screenshot area (4), so the bot can find them. To remove a building mark, right click it. To get a more detailed tutorial on how the process works, click on (5). After you clicked on a building in the screenshot area, it will show as "Unknown" in the building list (2):


When you're finished marking all the buildings, press "2. Identify Marked Buildings (7). The bot will then automatically identify the marked buildings. After you pressed the button it can take a while until the bot is finished. If one or a few buildings are still shown as unknwon, press (7) again. If it should still fail, correct your marks and press (7) again. Eventually the bot should be able to identify all your marked buildings.


This is how it looks like if the bot has finished identifying all your marked buildings. Should you move a building later on or build a new one, you need to get a new screenshot again by pressing (6) and then either delete the previous mark by right clicking on it (if a building has been moved) or adding a new mark by left clicking on it (if a building has been added). If you reorganized the whole city, press "Clear Building List (4) to remove all building markers at once.

Account: Overview #


Click on Overview (1). On this page you can see all your selected tasks including start and end timers, last execution status, next execution timer and error counts in case a task failed (2).

Important: If the bot already executed a task and set its next execution timer, but you want this task to be executed earlier again, you can right-click on the task and reset the next execution timer. To reset all next execution timers, press (3).

Account: Logs #


Click on Logs (1).

If the account is currently being botted you will find the current bot logs on this page (2). If you want to know exactly what the bot is currently doing always check this page.

Account: Settings #


Click on Settings (1).

The bot needs to make some settings in the game to make everything work smoothly. Per default it will always do this before starting to bot. However if you didn't change anything in your emulator instance the repeated checks are time consuming and not necessary anymore. You can safely switch it off then to save some time (2).