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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Which Emulators are currently supported?

Currently CBot supports Nox Player and all LDPlayer versions except LDPlayer 9.

How many accounts can be managed by the bot?

There is no hard limit on the number of accounts you can bot. The only limits are the resources of your computer. You can specify how many emulator instances may be started parallely. Each emulator instance can have multiple game accounts. The bot will automatically switch to the next account if one is finished. Once an emulator instance is finished it will be terminated and the next instance will be taken from the stack. This way the bot can manage hundreds of accounts. In our tests we were botting 50+ accounts without any issues.

Which login methods are supported?

If you only have one account in an instance the login type doesn't matter. If you have multiple accounts in one instance the bot needs to switch between these accounts. Currently only Google is supported for account switching.

How do I register and how do I purchase license time for the bot?

You need to register a new account in the bot. Then you can either log into the bot or the website and purchase license time for the bot.

If I bought license time for one account, on how many computers can I use it?

  • If you bought license time for an account, you can use it on up to 3 different PCs.

Which requirements must be met for an account to be botted?

  • Your account must have already completed the tutorial
  • All essential buildings should be built already
  • Your city level must be at least 4
  • Dragon Trail: The first challenge must have been done manually, so that the bot can collect rewards.
  • Alliance: If you joined an alliance for the first time, open it manually once and finish the tutorial.

Does the bot do everything on its own or does it sometimes need manual intervention?

  • The bot cannot click/play through any tutorial
  • If new buildings were added or existing buildings moved, you need to mark/unmark those buildings in Setup and let the bot identify the (new) buildings again
  • Sometimes the game could display a tutorial sequence or other rare intermediate screens that the bot doesen't recognize (yet). In this case the bot may restart the game after a while and then continue botting again.
  • The bot currently only upgrades the city building and its dependencies. Other buildings must be upgraded manually for now.
  • For features that are still in work, check the Planned Features section

Can I also start single instances manually or does the bot always do everything on its own?

You can choose between both. When you press the "Start (Managed Mode)" button, the bot will start in Managed Mode and manage everything for you. It will start as much emulator instances as specified in the settings and switch between your game accounts that were added to the specific instance based on timers and priority list. However you can still disable specific instances or accounts. If you start instances manually via the "Play" button the bot works in Manual Mode. You can start as many instances manually as you wish. The bot will still switch between the accounts that you added to the specific instances. Also note, that you can always Pause/Resume single instances or all started instances at once.