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Summary of bot features


Intelligent Botting

  • Bot automatically manages starting of emulator instances and switching between accounts in the same instances
  • Keeps timers for each task, account and emulator instance to be able to:
    • ... always continue where it left off
    • ... to execute/repeat tasks only when necessary
    • ... to execute each account/instance equally often
  • Auto restart app after game reset (0.00 UTC)

Advanced Account and Emulator Instance Management

  • Support for Google account switching
  • Add as much emulator instances and accounts per instance as you wish, the bot will automatically start as much instances as specified and switches accounts when necessary
  • Automatically arrange botting of instances and accounts based on priority list and timers
  • (Temporarily) switch off accounts or even whole instances
  • Overview of currently active instances, accounts and tasks, etc.
  • Pause/Resume/Stop all or selected instances or accounts

Automatic Game Installation/Update and Emulator Configuration

Emulator instances will be automatically configured by the bot, so you don't have to do anything else than creating them. The game will be automatically downloaded or upgraded/downgraded as needed.

Advanced Features

  • Advanced emulator error detection and handling
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Detailed account overview
  • Tap randomization
  • Auto updater
  • Detailed logging for each account
  • Possibility to reset any timers for repeating certain tasks
  • ... and much more

Automated Tasks (23+) with detailed descriptions

Alliance Donations

The bot will donate resources to the alliance. You can configure if you want to donate as much as possible or only a certain amount. Also you can set the bot to automatically use resources from inventory if available.

Alliance Gift

Automatically claims common and rare alliance gifts if available, including the huge gift chest.

Alliance Member Help

The bot automatically helps your alliance members.

Alliance Territory

Automatically collects all alliance territory rewards

Artifacts Draw

Automatically draws artifacts. Optionally the bot uses keys to open chests.

Attack Darklings

The bot will automatically attack Darklings. You can define the Darkling level. You can also set a maximum attack amount per day, the maximum number of consecutive attacks and the formation to be used.


Automatically claims available quest rewards.

Build Buildings

Automatically builds available buildings. Buildings are built one at a time. However you can define a custom interval to check if buildings still need to be built.

Collect Resources

Automatically scans the map for resources and collects them.

Daily Deals

Automatically claims daily deal award.

Dragon Trail

The bot will claim open Dragon Trail and collect all rewards. Note: You must have completed at least the first level for the task to work.


The bot automatically dispatches all available explorers. Also the bot can use observatories, visit villages and all other discovered buildings

Gather Resources - World Map

The bot will automatically send out marches to gather resources. You can specify the number of marches used for gathering, the minimum and maximum tile level, the resource types to be gathered and the formation the bot should use. You can also change the priority for each resource type.

Heroes Recruit

The bot will automatically recruit heroes and collect rewards. Optionally the bot can use keys to open chests.

Honorary Membership

Automatically get all Honorary Membership rewards.


The bot automatically heals wounded soldiers.

Inventory Item Usage

The bot can automatically use items from your inventory. The following items can be used:

  • Honor Point items
  • Gems
  • Choice Resource Chests
  • Common Resource Chests
  • Ceremonial Masks
  • Boxes of Blessings


Automatically reads alliance or system mails to get rewards.


The bot automatically claims the rewards for all quest types.


Automatically conducts research. You can also check the categories to be researched. If both categories are selected, the bot will research both categories alternately. Also you can set the bot to automatically use resources from inventory if available.

Troops Training

Automatically trains and assembles selected troops. You can select the soldier types, choose the tier and set an optional amount or let the game automatically decide for you. Also you can specify if resources from your inventory should be used or if troops should be trained only once a day.

Upgrade City Hall

The bot will automatically upgrade your city hall and all dependent buildings. Also you can set the bot to automatically use resources from inventory if available.

Wall defense repair

The bot will regularly check if your wall needs to be repaired and repairs it automatically.