• (1): Currently active bot mode
  • (2): Start an instance in manual mode or Pause/Resume/Stop an instance
  • (3): Stop an instance
  • (4): Enable/Disable an instance. If disabled, it will be excluded from being started in managed mode
  • (5): Open account settings
  • (6): Modify account name, Server ID, login type, Google email address, ...
  • (7): Specify the botting priority of the accounts
  • (8): Enable/Disable single accounts. Disabled accounts won't be considered for botting
  • (9): Shield state (not implemented yet): Gray if unknown state, Red if shield off, Yellow if reshieldable, Green if shield is active.
    Important: The shield state is only correct if the bot used the shield itself
  • (10): A screenshot of your name as written in your profile. If you use account switching, the bot uses this screenshot to check if the correct account is logged in. It must be correct, otherwise the bot won't work correctly. If you start the bot the first time, it will be set automatically.
  • (11): If you should change your account name at some point, press this button to delete the current screenshot of your account name. The next time you start the bot, it will automatically get an updated screenshot of your new name.
  • (12): Start button for managed mode, Pause/Resume button for all running instances
  • (13): Stop botting
  • (14): The main log. You should keep an eye on it to check for any errors/warnings