Start an instance for the first time #


  • If you added a new instance you should start it first in manual mode via the Play button
  • The bot will automatically download, install and finally start the game
  • As soon as the loading screen (see above screenshot) appears, press Stop in the bot
  • Wait until the start movie and the first tutorial sequences are finished
  • Optionally log into your existing account
  • Complete the tutorial as far as possible. The bot doesn't work correctly if any tutorials aren't completed yet.
  • Finished. Your instance is ready to be botted. Repeat this process for all your instances
  • Now you can start botting in managed or manual mode


  • The game must be set to english language. Otherwise the bot won't work correctly.
  • Your city level must be at least 4
  • Dragon Trail: The first challenge must have been done manually, so that the bot can collect rewards.